Frequently asked questions

What ages can participate in a GVC workshop?

The GVC workshops are currently open to youth ages 10-16. Eventually we will offer a GVC Kids program (school assemblies & curriculum), and also a GVC Ambassador program (mentorship). We also have our sights set on a local GVC Community Choir for ALL ages... if you are in Austin, TX stay tuned for details on this!

How do I get GVC to do a workshop in my town?!

If you don't see your town on our list of upcoming Workshops, by all means CONTACT us and let us know you are interested in having GVC come to you! We will serioulsy consider ALL requests and do our absolute best to get to your town!

How many videos does GVC release each year?

Currently we have 1 video planned for the 2017-2018 school year. The release date for our first video is set for early May 2018. In upcoming years, we hope to release at least 2 songs/videos per year: one in December & one in May!

GVC is a 501c3 based in Austin, TX

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