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Join our unique, new Youth Choir today and... 

  • Explore the Power of Your Voice in the world 

  • Strengthen Your Singing Technique

  • Learn basic Songwriting skills

  • Collaboratively write Original Music 

  • Make an Impact in your community

  • Enjoy Connection over Perfection

  • Express Yourself and Be Uniquely YOU!    

Introducing the GVC


youth choir

Find Your Voice. Make It MATTER!


Join GVC for a unique NEW singing experience! 



Ages 9 & up



The GVC Collaborative Youth Choir is non-auditioned, collaborative, joyful, inclusive, uplifting, creative, exciting, empowering & unique NEW home for young people who love to sing!  

In addition to the traditional experience of Singing Together as an ensemble, GVC singers will also explore creative collaboration & have an opportunity to learn from a host of Special Guests in the areas of Vocal Technique, Songwriting, & Philanthropy.  


Join our unique new GVC Youth Choir today and...

  • Learn strategies to develop & strengthen your Singing

  • Explore the Power of Your Voice in your life & the world 

  • Learn Songwriting skills to help you express your ideas 

  • Collaboratively write new Original Music as a group

  • Record Original Songs in a Music Studio

  • Learn from & work alongside a variety of inspiring 
    Special Guest Professionals in the areas of singing, songwriting & community impact

  • Get involved and Make an Impact on your community through our GVC Cause Campaigns      

GVC offers more than a traditional choral setting, with opportunities in leadership, creative collaboration, community impact & mindfulness strategies. Our singers learn new skills that will enhance & empower the overall connection to their voice, in their lives and in the world!

Creating new, original music is also an integral part of the Global Voice Collective experience.  


Instead of only singing the music of others, we also work 

collaboratively to write our OWN songs!  


This is done through...

  • Songwriting games & activities

  • Guided, collaborative writing sessions

  • Sessions with Special Guest songwriters


At least 1 new Original GVC Song will be created & recorded each semester! 

  • Each new song is recorded in a professional studio environment, where GVC singers learn about mic technique, engineering & overall music editing 

  • They also work together to create a simple & fun music video to bring their song to life!

After the song & video are complete, they will be released to the world via iTunes, Youtube, etc…!

Check out our 2018 Song & Video "It's My Voice"!

There is a lot going on in our world today. We are more connected to one another than ever, and yet many of us still feel like our voice isn't truly relevant. Young people are no exception.


With Global Voice Collective, we not only help young people develop their voice and give them tools to musically express themselves - we also give them an outlet to use their voice and have a direct impact in their communities and the world. 


This is where our Cause Campaigns come in:

  • Every performance, appearance, original song & video that is released is aimed at bringing awareness & support to other organizations doing good work within our community.

  • GVC participants are involved in discussing, nominating & VOTING on the various causes we choose to support.

Essentially, they use their voice to make art AND make change.


youth choir

songwriting &

original music




GVC is a 501c3 based in Austin, TX

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