Songs & Videos

Creating new, original music and videos to feature the singers is also an integral part of the Global Voice Collective experience.



Each semester, at least 1 original GVC song is written & recorded in a 

professional studio environment. 

GVC singers learn about mic technique, engineering & overall music editing 

Our 2018 GVC Song "It's My Voice"

was written in collaboration with:

Chantel Mead: GVC Founder

Cloudchord: Producer & Composer

Bayley Stewart: 17yr old singer & songwriter based in Austin, TX 


music videos

GVC singers also work together to create a simple & fun music videos to bring their songs to life! After each song & video is complete, they are released to the world via iTunes, Youtube, etc…!

2018 Song: "It's My Voice"

 The GVC 2018 video features a song called "It's My Voice" which speaks to our right to sing, to claim our voice, and to use it with confidence to shape our world.  

2018 GVC Singers

*2018 GVC Singers participated in 1-day workshops vs. an ongoing choir

One World Theatre, Austin TX 3/24/18

Allen, Briella, Caleb, Danielle, Divya, Eliana, Ellie, Gabe, Gabi, Jackson, Julianna, Lucky, Mariah, Meador, Mia, Olyvia, Rosa, Sophie 

St. Jude's Ranch for Children, Bulverde TX 3/30/18

*Please Note: this was filmed in a home for foster children. Their faces are concealed for their safety.

Christina, Celeste, Jiniya, Savannah, Genesis, Rachel, Mariah, Jerelyn, Claresse, Tiara

Brauntex Theatre, New Braunfels TX 4/7/18

Alaura, Avery, Grace, Kayli, Mary, Olivia, Samantha, Samantha, Star, Tessa, True 


GVC is a 501c3 based in Austin, TX

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